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How QR Codes Benefit Businesses


Big brands have long used QR codes to market their products and services or to bring in more traffic to their websites. Small businesses should start doing the same thing. Whether you are a large business or just a small one, you stand to have lots to gain from integrating Quick Response codes into your marketing campaign.

Just what exactly can these two-dimensional barcodes do for you? Here’s what:

Small Ad Space.

If you have a QR code, you can give your consumers tons of information about you and your business without requiring a relatively large ad space. All you need to do is make sure your QR code is big enough for your target audience to notice and you’re good.

In traditional advertising, you will need to print multiple-paged brochures in order to share all the information you want to share with potential customers about your products. Not to mention additional costs if you insert colored images into printed marketing collaterals. And traditionally, if you want to share an advertising video, you will have to pay big bucks for television airtime. This is something you don’t need to do if you decide to use QR codes. With these codes, a small ad space will do.

Offline to Online Call-to-Action.

Businesses can use QR codes to easily and efficiently lead offline people to resources they can access online. They don’t have to take their laptop out and get it connected to the internet. With QR codes, they can view online content while they are out shopping or having dinner.

Networking Success.

QR codes are a fast and easy way to share or exchange contact information. Including a QR code on your business card, for instance, will allow people to save your phone number and your e-mail address without having to type them out. Building your business network becomes convenient and hassle-free.

Targeted Recruiting.

Companies can use essential information, such as those related to job openings, by simply using QR codes. They can post or distribute these QR codes in strategic places or in locations where their target employees frequent (like a computer programming school if you need to hire new computer programmers).

Tracking Marketing Success.

Using QR codes makes it very easy for you to keep track of the success of your marketing campaign. You can see how many times your codes have been scanned and be able to identify which ad medium your consumers are most interested in (if you used different medium in your QR code campaign). For example, you will know whether your web page, or your marketing video receives the most number of views.

Knowing the numbers will help you plan out your next round of campaigns and help you improve on your weak areas.

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