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How QR Codes Are Helping Mobile Apps


QR codes are primarily a mobile technology. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that QR codes are now increasingly being used in a lot of mobile apps.

One of the areas that QR codes are being used in mobile applications is social discovery.

What is social discovery?

Social discovery is when a mobile app or online service allows their users to look for other users using varying criteria such as age, interest, location, gender and any other variable.

Social networks often use social discovery to make their services more interesting to users and help build their user base. For example, Facebook allows you to see friends who are nearby. Mobile apps such as Banjo and Highlight are purely social discovery tools.

However, social discovery tools have been described as “creepy”, because of privacy issues.

Mobile apps need to use something that would ensure your privacy.

This is where Path excels. Earlier this month, Path came out with a minor update to its mobile app adding QR codes to the mix. Path users can now create a QR code with the mobile app.

The QR codes allow them to connect with another user. If you want to add somebody to your Path account, you can just scan his or her QR codes and it will instantly add that person. No more tapping in each other’s names and searching! Just one scan and you are done.

The QR codes effective give Path a social discovery component.

Not just Path.

QR codes are not only showing up on social networking apps, but also on mobile payments apps. For example, Coinbase now uses QR codes to make it easier for people to pay bitcoins to each other.

Do you know of any other mobile app that makes use of QR codes? Tell us about it in the comments!

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