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How Mobile Is Changing SEO


If you are doing search engine optimization on your site and you have a mobile version, just remember that there might be a different set of rules when it comes to mobile SEO.

If you want more traffic to your mobile site, here are some things to consider:

1. Go social. A majority of mobile Internet users are social beings: they check on their Facebook account, update their Twitter statuses, even connect on LinkedIn using their mobile devices. Understandably a lot of the traffic that your mobile site would have is via these social sites so it just makes sense to make your websites more social!

2. Go local. A big feature on mobile devices is geo-location. By using your wireless connection or your GPS, search results may be tailored according to the searcher’s locations. This means that your site should have pages geared towards the local market, using keywords that specify your local area, i.e. QR code generator in Chicago.

3. Shorter keywords might work. Tapping into a tablet or using a mobile phone’s keyboard is a lot of work, and is certainly much more cumbersome than typing on a desktop computer keyboard. People who are using their mobile phones are more likely to look for shorter keywords when searching. So forget about having people tap “best skiing lodge in Vail, Co” as they will more likely shorten it to “best skiing lodge vail”.

4. The use of voice searches. Apple’s Siri and Google Android’s voice search function are also changing the way people search. If using mobile keyboards and tapping helps make shorter keywords succeed, it is the other way around with voice search. Indeed, voice searches are more “conversational”. Instead of searching for “best New York restaurant,” people are more likely to ask a question like they do when talking to another person “Where is the best restaurant in New York?”

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