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How Many Ways Can QR Codes Be Used?


We’ve had friends ask us this before: Apart from promoting someone, picking at someone else’s curiosity and getting people to download stuff into your cell phone, what else can the QR Code do?

We had to control our breathing and refrain from stomping out way out of the door.

As anyone with a smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry, etc can tell you, the purpose of a QR Code is pretty simple. It’s a physical link between what is offline to what is online. That drew question marks with our friends. So, we gave them some pretty neat examples of….:-

You can find out whether a banana is organic or not by scanning the QR Code
You can take a look inside of a building, an apartment, a theme park before you even step out of your bunny slippers
You can listen to little bits and pieces of music on your cell phone before rushing out to the record store to buy them
You know what your kids are up when you have a QR Code to their twitter or facebook account.

As you can see, we tried to keep things a little simple for them. But we ALL know that the QR Code goes beyond just that. The QR Code can be viewed BOTH as a marketing and advertising engine and it is often regarded on a very personal level as well.

Self branding is one of them. You print a QR Code that leads to your website or blog on your business card, leaflet, e-brochure, website, tattoo it on your own or print it on your t-shirt and you’re branding yourself. it’s incredible because the QR Code can be printed on, literally, everything and everywhere you want to. Some organizations have used QR Codes for charity drives too – and that’s REALLY fantastic.

You can tour your way with QR Codes. A launch between Citysearch and Antenna Audio helped people enjoy their very own self-guided audio tour around specific tourist attractions when tourists scan QR Codes with their cell phones. Now, just imagine if other major giants take on the same big leak. How big do you think this whole QR Code phenomenon will be? EXPONENTIAL.

Green paper. The world will also be a lot o better when more people find ways to issue tickets, coupons, and other printed materials in the form of QR Code programs. This means there is increased efficiency and to the delight of environmentalists, a better environment because of less waste.

See how many different types of ways we can use QR Code and we’re not even close to naming all of them yet!

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