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How important is it to expose the kids of today to their brand of technology?


Fifteen years down the road, most of us would be close to retirement age….well, we speak for ourselves, of course and the world will belong to the kids of today. Hence, when you look at things this way, you’d automatically think of equipping them with the latest (in our time) in technology – which includes introducing kids to QR Codes. Why the hurry, some of you may ask? Well, you see, the earlier we expose them to the future world that they WILL live in, the better informed, educated and knowledgeable they will be when they’re all grown-up.

QR Code, fifteen years down the road, would be like the Tupperware-sized earlier version mobile phones we had. Old news.

Exposing kids as young as fifth graders is important too, according to Alphagraphics. They recently paid a visit to 7th graders in Ruth Brunner’s Gifted and Talented Education class and introduced QR Codes to the kids. It was explained to the little ‘uns about how the unassuming QR Code can contain tons of information within the small little box of dots and squares. The kids were adequately impressed, we can imagine. Considering the fact that only slightly more than one-point-five percent of Americans know about, understand and make use of QR Codes today, they’re among the elite few.

The kids were educated about QR Codes, told that they’re really 2D matrix barcodes originally created by the Japanese more than fifteen years ago. Funny how it took the world this long to get a grasp of how powerful the QR Code technology is. Europe is picking up speed on using QR Codes today and sadly, Americans are lagging behind. QR Codes are not only accurate and powerful, they deliver very quickly too. At high speed, information and links are accessed on a mobile phone. All one needs to do is to scan the QR Code with his or her mobile phone and have it decoded with an installed QR Code reader.

The class was told that QR Code is so powerful because it can be placed on LITERALLY anything…from t-shirts to mugs, on computer screens and mouse pads, from business cards to tattoos. The QR Code can hold information like personal details, web addresses, business cards, telephone numbers, emails, etc.

Many US companies are opening their eyes now because of infiltration from counterparts from Asia, Europe and South America. The few posters found in bus-stands, railway stations, and reports found on the internet perked their interest too.

The students had a fun time creating their own QR Codes and scanning them using their mobile phones. They think it’s neat. I say we think so too.

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