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How Everyday Folks Like You And Me Can Make Use Of QR Codes


If you think QR Codes is only good for geeks and that we have every reason to snub our noses at them because it is irrelevant to us, think again. That is because when the internet was first introduced, people snubbed their noses at it and thought that it was reserved only for businesses and large international corporations. And now look what the internet is to us. We carry it around, in fact, in our pockets or handbags.

Let’s explore the many ways that we, everyday people, make full use of QR Codes.

Expand the business. You don’t need to be a large international brand name to level the playing ground in business. Create a QR Code and print it along with your business cards, leaflets, company profile, websites and other corporate business handouts. One, it will make you look cool (since it is relatively new in the industry); two, when scanned, it can take them to where you want them online. Or it could give them pertinent information about your business that they can store in their phones, for future use.

Connecting and interacting. If you see a link that you really like and want to share with a friend and you know that the friend is away from any form of computer or laptop, create a QR Code and send it to the friend. The friend of yours can then access the website or link via the QR Code. Sometimes, you want to post the QR Code up so that others can find you on Twitter or Facebook and add you as a friend. Connecting this way is so much more convenient because you know how many people are actually on Facebook and it can be difficult to find someone in there when they have a common name like….Jack Hill or John Bauer.

Just for fun. Sometimes, it’s just fun to do something extraordinary since we are living in such a stressful modern society, isn’t it?

Wedding fun. So you are organizing a wedding. Instead of telling everyone that you will email the pictures from the wedding after the event, why not create and print out a QR Code that leads to your website or blog or Facebook photo album and hand them out along with the favors. This way, when the wedding is over, the guests get to access the photo album by simply scanning the QR Code.

Have fun and games. We wrote about how some people developed games using QR Code some time back and who is to say that we, everyday folks, can’t? If you have not read about Tombstone games, kids having fun exploring the solar system with QR Codes, Google’s QR Code game, and a paintball game QR Code-style.

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