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How Everyday Folks Can Make Use of QR Codes Now


All that talk about lowering cost of advertisements, enhancing user experience, marketing and promotion for retail outlets, etc, it must be quite confusing and exhausting for the general consumer. In fact, it gets so confusing that they might feel inclined to (despite being completely curious about it) ignore it altogether.

So, what is there in store for common folks who have nothing much to promote but ourselves? Well, QR Codes, for your information, can be fun too.

Facebook friendship. Everyone’s got their own blog or website nowadays and instead of asking your friend to log onto your facebook account and adding them in on your friends list when you get home, why not whip out your phone, let your friend scan it? The QR Code will lead the new friend to your facebook profile and within a click of the button, they’ve added you. And you, on the other hand, have your iPhone ready and you add him or her up there and then. See how simple life can be when there is QR Code technology?

QRious little code. If you are in the working world, chances are, you have a business card. All business cards basically look alike and that means ‘BORING’. What will make your business card REALLY stand out is when you have that curious looking little code right smack in the middle of the card which turns out to be a QR Code. When resting in a pile of other conventional business cards, we are sure yours will be more attention-grabbing.

Wear Your Code. Surprisingly, QR Code fad is more fancy and creative than we had anticipated. Designers and creative folks has been playing around with QR Code for so long but all these occurrences mostly happened in either Japan or some part of Europe. Us, Americans, usually look on in grand anticipation and awe. Normal people used QR Codes to express themselves via their clothing, tattooing it onto their (not that we recommend that), turning a Lego set into QR Codes, knitting it into a scarf or turning it into a carpet. The latest was a QR Code COAT.

Secret Messages via QR Codes. Hidden messages, clues or just secret conversations can be had with QR Code because the codes don’t only have the capability of containing links to the online world, it can be as simple as a simple text message via the phone or just text. It is a little more cumbersome compared to just TALKING to each other but hey, that’s what secrecy is all about.

Create a game our of QR Code. We did mention that QR Code is a fantastic way to play paintball some time back and we also mentioned that it is possible to turn a scavenger hunt into a QR Code themed one. With creation of QR Code being free, it simply means that just about ANYONE can create a new game with QR Code.

There are many more ways people like us can make use of QR Codes that aren’t mentioned here. If you have some ideas, feel free to contribute at the comment boxes below.

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