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How Americans Are Using QR Codes


Still at its infancy stage, QR Code is beginning to penetrate the lives of the average working American. No longer are we ignorant about what those squares are all about, instead, we are now looking for new and creative ways to make use of QR Codes in a bid to improve the quality of our lives.

Just yesterday, I wrote about how Google have decided to make mobile payments easy for android and smart phone users via Chrome, their web browser. So, yes, we can shop online and then make payments with our mobile phones without handing our credit cards over to anyone.

Ticketing – One of the frustrating things about going for a movie is that you have to remember to bring the tickets. No tickets, no movie. If there is one thing in the world that we never forget to bring whenever we head out, it would be our mobile phones and wallet. With a QR Code ticket saved into your cell phone, just imagine never forgetting the movie tickets because it is already in the most indispensable device known to mankind in this modern world. The cell phone.

Flight boarding pass – It benefits us the same way a QR Code movie ticket would. No hassle in trying to remember to bring the flight tickets along with you and all you need is your ID and the QR Code (that is safely saved into your cell phone’s memory card, we believe).

Advertising a website – No fanfare, just a simple square. QR Codes can be used on literally all types of marketing efforts, from print advertisements on posters, magazines, newspapers, websites to mugs, t-shirts, flyers, packaging, etc. With the QR Codes in place, consumers do not have to try to remember a website URL, and all they need to do is to scan the QR Code and then bookmark it on their phones for viewing.

QR Code can even help you make a new friend these days. See someone you would like to get to know better and want to add this friend to your facebook account? Just show the person a QR Code linking to your facebook profile page.

Anyone else can come up with some really neat ways to use QR Codes? Share it with us, we would like to hear them!

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