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Hointer Makes Shopping For Jeans Easier For Men


It is a well-known fact that men don’t like to shop. Take them to a mall and they would want to either find a bar or a place to sit. While it may be a little unfair to throw a blanket statement like this over ALL men, brick and mortar businesses find the ‘problem’ serious enough to try to find a ‘solution’. Yes, men do DO some shopping….if only it wasn’t as troublesome and if only it didn’t have to take that long.

Generally speaking, men like to do their shopping fast….in, grab, pay, out. That’s the way they like it.

A Seattle-based store tackled this problem using QR Codes, which is why I found this piece of news particularly interesting (of course). Hointer tried to make shopping easier for men by having only one pair of jeans for each individual style that they have in the store. With each pair of jeans is a QR Code. The customer scans the code to first ‘try out’ the jeans to see if he likes the cut and style of the jeans. If he wishes to, he can head over to the dressing room for a real try-out. If he likes the jeans and would like to buy it, he can then simply scan and buy the jeans virtually, on his mobile device.

While this shopping method is not really as original as people would like to think (it is already much practiced in many parts of Asia and Europe), I think the idea is novel and would make shopping, if not EASIER at least more interesting. As we all know, when it comes to gadgets and new technology, the guys are usually all for it. And this is in Seattle we are talking about, not Asia, so, it is still a new thing to explore with QR Codes.

For those who do not wish to shop virtually on the mobile or tab because of the fear of losing your personal information and security issues, the store allows for swiping of your card on your way out.

So, in my personal opinion, Hointer’s effort is commendable because it shows that the company is willing to try out technology and mobile shopping in order to make shopping easier for their customers. What would be really amazing is when Hointer renders ‘trying out the jeans for size’ completely obsolete…now THAT would make guys holler, don’t you agree? But anyway, Geekwire did a review and test-drove the system and here is their video. Watch and let us know what you think of this idea.

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