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Help the Homeless Through QR Codes


Picture yourself being outside in freezing temperatures. Now you can just imagine the plight of the homeless as the winter season comes.

So if you spy on one sleeping outside in the cold, it looks like someone just might need your help. What do you do?

In Manchester, QR codes are helping citizens report homeless people who might be in trouble.

Concerned citizens can scan the QR code that will take them to the Riverside ECHG Web site where they can fill out a short form that would be passed on to housing workers. Help will arrive within 24 hours.

Riverside ECHG is a homeless charity organization operating out of Ardwick, Manchester.

The charity has been distributing the QR codes, as well as appearing on advertisements, pocket cards and hoarding.

In short, these QR codes could help people save lives.

A Concerted Effort

Concerned citizens and the QR codes are only one part of the life saving process. The citizens become Riverside ECHG’s eyes and ears on the streets and the QR codes as a way to voice their concerns.

Riverside ECHG has a dedicated team that will receive all the information. Members of the team will then dispatch council teams in one of the ten boroughs in the region to ensure a quick turnaround.

Council teams will be going to the scene and offer the homeless a place to stay and refer them to whoever and whatever they need to get off the streets and maybe even get their lives back in order.

Riverside ECHG also has some volunteers who are formerly homeless. These volunteers would act act as mentors to help others like them reconnect with family and friends.

Riverside hopes that aside from giving emergency accommodations, the QR codes could save the homeless from freezing to death. With these QR codes, people who spot a homeless person in trouble would not have to wait until they are home or at the office to sound their concerns.

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