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Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Teaches Businesses How to Use QR Codes


QR codes offer businesses many advantages especially in their marketing efforts. It helps companies save on advertising space and airtime, while also enabling them to give out the best content for their customers.

It is no exaggeration to say that QR codes are essential to every company now that is worth its salt.

Unfortunately, not all companies are using QR codes correctly, if they are using QR codes at all. The problem with QR codes is that if the campaign is not well thought out and thoroughly planned, it could backfire.

We have already seen a lot of companies shoot themselves in the foot with their QR code campaigns. There are just a lot of room for mistakes and this will easy topple over your QR code campaigns.

This is the reason why the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce should be lauded for coming up with a QR code technology presentation for small businesses in their area. The presentation will be on Sept. 27 starting at 9 a.m.

The seminar will teach local businesses what QR codes are and how to use it. They would also show business owners how these codes could be used to drive visits to the company’s website, documents or videos.

Co-sponsored by Element Mobile and Cellcom, the seminar will be geared towards beginners who will be shown how to scan, create, track and measure QR codes.

Interested businesses in the area who are members of the Chamber or customers of Element Mobile or Cellcom will be required to pay $10 per person for registration. Non-members and non-customers will be charged $20.

We think that this is a great move that should be replicated all throughout the country so that a lot more local businesses would be exposed to QR codes and learn what these codes can do for their business.

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