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Healthier Lifestyles with Mobile Apps


Smartphones are considered a disruptive technology because it changed the way we use technology. Instead of lugging heavy laptops, we now use smartphones to do some low level computing on the move.

So how about smartphone apps that help you change your bad behaviors or help give you a healthier lifestyle? Here are some:

1. Sleep Cycle.

Now available only for the iPhone, Sleep Cycle is an app that helps you develop good sleeping habits. Waking up groggy or energized depends on whether you have awakened during a deep sleep or a light one.

The premise is simple, you fire up the app, enter the time you want to wake up and then put it under your sheets.

The Sleep Cycle app uses the accelerometer on the iPhone and measures the amount of movement you make while you sleep. The logic is that when you are moving a lot during sleep, you are not in REM sleep and this is the best time to wake up.

So if the app measures a lot of body movement and it is near the time you want to wake up, it will sound the alarm.

2. Moves

Moves is a mobile app that helps you estimate how many steps you have walked, ran or rode since launching the app on your phone. It uses gamification in making fitness more fun. mzl.qeghhmcy.320x480-75

There is no need for you to buy expensive monitors, you just need your iPhone and carry it with you no matter where you go.

3. Gain Fitness

Gain Fitness allows you to create your own fitness plan and you can easily track whether or not you are sticking to it or not. It also sends out a push notification every time you are scheduled to work out.

If you need to learn a certain work out, you can easily see high definition images and instructions within the app.

If you are feeling tired and in need of encouragement, you can set the app to give your words of encouragement!

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