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Health News From Biodenfense With QR Code


Without a smidgen of doubt, the biggest health scare for 2009 was the H1N1 outbreak and the number of deaths as a result. That was when hand sanitizing products were all flying off the shelves and people made a grab for wet tissues and face masks. No one would leave the house without all of them stuffed into their bags.

With that behind us (more or less, at least), sales are expected to drop for the companies that produces these products. One of the biggest American companies that produces sanitizing products is a company called Biodefense Solutions. The main product is the sort of no-wash hand gel that kills all sorts of germs when you apply and rub it on. Very important thing to do during the H1N1 outbreak.

As usual, what took our interest was the fact that Biodefense is beginning to try to differentiate itself from its competitors that enjoyed good sales throughout 2009 – the industry has become increasingly competitive with so many new names in the market today.

Yes, they are aiming for 2d barcodes, or what we all know over here at www.beqrious.com as QR Codes. The QR stands for ‘quick response’.

Unlike the conventional UPC barcode that we are using today, QR Codes can contain so much more information, which includes links to online mobile web pages, blogs, facebook profiles, twitter pages, linkedin profiles, youtube videos, etc. It is, not surprisingly, touted as the link between the real world and the online one.

Rewind ten years ago, you would need a specific scanner in order to read any kind of code like a QR Code or a UPC code, but now, consumers have a scanner tucked into their bags or back pockets – yes, the cell phone.

The camera phone of the cell phone can be used to ‘scan’ a QR Code with the help of a QR Code reader.

So, what is this hand-sanitizing company called Biodefense intends to do with QR Codes? As far as we can see, the company is basically hired out people to help communicate and keep in touch with its customers. For example, there is a site that has all the news about the H1N1 outbreak called the Center for Disease Control…yeah, the QR Code contains a link to that one.

And then there are also tips on how to prevent the flu symptoms from affecting your everyday functions and also information on the product (but of course!).

This effort might prove to be more successful that many other QR Code marketing and advertising that we have seen so far because based on what we found, it seems that the company is more keen on educating and informing the consumers about health dangers.

Being conscientious, like we always say, always win you brownie points.

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