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Handy International’s Fish Products Packaging Now Sports a QR Code

handy international qr codes
Food producer Handy International has started including QR codes into its packaging.

Handy’s chief executive officer and president, Terry Conway, explains that the QR codes can tell consumers where the food they are buying came from. Specifically, those who scan the QR codes will know more about the country, the body of water, and the catch date of the fish. Hopefully, this will help assure buyers that the fish they are buying and eating are of top quality and are fresh.

Handy’s QR codes are aimed at institutional buyers who want to know just how safe the fish they order from Handy is. It’s a seal of quality. Right now, Handy is getting their fish products from Mexico.

Conway adds that this is the first time that a company is using QR codes to deliver more information on seafood. BeQRious begs to differ. We have reported on restaurants in Vancouver, Canada, that have included QR codes into their menu. These QR codes take scanners to FoodTree, an online service that brings together food producers and other professionals from the food industry. By perusing the profiles of these food businesses, diners would be able to know more about the food they are eating.

Food safety is not the only use for QR codes. In fact, it could be used by cooking shows on TV to make it easier for their viewers to download ingredients and recipes. This is what the BBC did with The Good Cook. Not only will world-famous chef Simon Hopkinson do the cooking, but the show would also flash QR codes across the screen so that viewers could download the recipes into their phones. No more furiously copying and taking down wrong measurements for the ingredients!

Conway relates that, right now, only their frozen fish products have the codes on the packaging, but they would soon incorporate QR codes into their other products as well.

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