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Hand-Knitted QR Code From Lendorff Kaywa


For those who are unaware, the QR Code frenzy has not only hit the clothing and apparel printing industry, it’s also hit the knitting and fashion design industry! Imagine yourself wearing a hand-knitted scarf with your very own QR code on it. Knitting is a process that takes weeks (a few weeks if you forego sleeping and eating) to complete but because a knitted apparel like a scarf or gloves is an extremely personal thing, it makes sense to personalize it further with your very own QR Code!

Office Lendorff is a pixel-knitwear designer while Kaywa is a mobile company that offers a blogging platform for bloggers who want to blog from their mobile phones. Together, they formed Lendorff Kaywa. Together, they recently released a phenomenal design for a scarf called the Space Invader scarf that had a QR Code on it and people are tripping all over themselves about with the idea of having a QR Code knitted into their knitwear.

Now, this is a limited edition scarf hence, it’s only available to the first five hundred purchasers. It’s not cheap, mind you, because it’s going for some EUR32.50 per piece. But we’re thinking these special edition scarves are going to fly off the shelves because of its simplicity and how catchy it is. And besides, many enthusiasts are already talking about how fantastic it is to have a special QR Code knitted into the scarf…with a special message. This is the first in their series of special edition space invaders knitted scarves. There’s a message behind the scarf and it’s in the QR Code. The message can only be seen (decoded) when you scan the QR Code with your mobile phone.

So, knitters…listen up. Here’s what you can do. If you have a Facebook profile, a blog, a website or just have something really important to say, say it with your QR Code and knit it into whatever it is that you’re working on right now. Instead of spending EUR32.50 per the Lendorff Kaywa scarf, you can do it on your own, of course!

But first, you’ll need to have your own QR Code….and this, you can do it right here, anyway.

We can see it now…not very far off into the future, many people will be totting around knitted bags, wearing caps or blouses with their own QR Code on it.

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