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Halloween and QR Codes


Believe it or not, Halloween is ALREADY merely some days away and while parents are cracking their heads trying to come up with a Halloween costume for their kids, here are some ways you can have some fun with QR Codes during this festive season. And no, you do not have to be a child or a teen in order to celebrate Halloween. Anyway, here they are.

One, you can carve a pumpkin out with a QR Code. Create a QR Code with our Code generator over here: http://www.beqrious.com/generator and then print it out. Be careful of the size of the print out because you want it to be visible from afar…especially if the pumpkin in question is large. Cut out the holes on the paper based on the QR Code and then using a marker or a pen, trace the outline of the holes onto the pumpkin. With that, you use a carving knife and carve out the pumpkin. There you have it – your very own QR Code pumpkin.

It all depends on what you want the QR Code to contain; it could be a text like ‘Trick or treat? Boo!’ or it would be a link to a Halloween video you made and have uploaded onto YouTube. If you’re an artist with a lot of Halloween pictures, create a QR Code link to your portfolio and show it off; if that is not the case, just create a QR Code that leads to your Facebook profile, then. Whatever floats your boat.

Or you could go with a Halloween witch hat with a QR Code. There are many variations to this…it could be a Halloween hat, t-shirt, costume or a tattoo! Make it fun. And when others ask you what that square thing is, keep the suspense instead of revealing it to them right away. Get them to whip out their Blackberrys or iPhones and show them how they can decode the Halloween QR Code.

We’ll admit that the above ideas require quite a bit of work but there is not much fun to be had for people who are not willing to do more than just color the boxes on a piece of paper. The QR Code can bring the phone user to a website, read a text message or download a video.

Musicians could compose their very own Halloween song and dedicate it to their guests. Video editors can come up with their own version of Halloween music video and share it with others using the QR Code. Artists can upload their artwork onto the internet and link it with the QR Code so that it can be accessed anywhere without the need for a computer.

And who said QR Code was boring?

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