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Guinness Brings Beer-Activated QR Code Pint-Glass

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Beer manufacturer Guinness created a very interesting kind of beer glass: one whose unique design can only be seen when the glass is full. And the more interesting part is that this beer glass makes use of the latest in mobile technology trends.

You may be thinking how an ordinary-looking glass and cutting edge technology can come together. But before your imaginations go too wild, take a look at this:

Yes, it’s nothing too outrageous, really. Like we said, it is just a simple beer pint-glass with a special feature you wouldn’t event see or notice unless you fill it up with Guinness Beer.

The Guinness QR Cup was created by the Irish beer maker with the help of creative advertising firm BBDO New York. The cup features a pattern that is invisible when the cup is empty and that coalesces into a functional quick response code when it is full. Once it appears on the glass, the beer drinker can scan this code using a smartphone or any other mobile device equipped with a QR code reader application.

It should be noted though that if the cup is filled with the typical amber-colored beer, the QR code becomes visible but is not functional. This is because the amber color of the beer doesn’t bring enough contrast with the code’s white-colored blocks. However, with the Guinness beer’s distinctive black color, there is much contrast between the colors of the blocks and it would be easy for your scanning app to read the code.

Once scanned, the Guinness QR Code enables beer consumers to interact with various social networking sites, making sure it stays relevant to them. More specifically, the code allows the drinker to tweet about his or her pint, to update his or her Facebook status, to check him or her in Foursquare, to download coupons and promotions, and even to launch exclusive Guinness-related content.

We say Guinness has indeed come up with a very creative, innovative and interactive mobile marketing strategy with its QR Code Cup. This is something that would surely be interesting to consumers, not to mention highly engaging because of its ability to connect with social media sites using what currently is their most-trusted tool: their mobile phones.

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One Response to Guinness Brings Beer-Activated QR Code Pint-Glass

  1. clifford May 22, 2012, 12:18 pm

    this article has just captured my eyes. How can I get hold of ths glass. I am so obssessed with QR codes. But in kenya they are not so effective. Thank you for that article.

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