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Grum’s Got It With QR Code


Back in the 60’s and 70’s, if you owned a radio, you’d have access to a stream of new songs being released into the airwaves instantly. If you owned a radio, you were considered amongst the elite. Today, music is dispensed in such a manner that would have been considered completely incomprehensible back then – and we’re not merely talking about the internet either.

As with many artistes with their own facebook or myspace account, independent music can be dispensed as easily as it can be recorded and money can be made with each person who downloads the music. Review of these musicians can also be found on internet and blogs which supplements what we can conventionally find in magazines and newspapers. While the opinion of these journalists has always been questionable, opinion on blogs are far more neutral and direct.

The QR Code technology is giving the music industry quite another twist too. Now, what a single or album cover looks like is no longer of significant consideration because who remembers what it looks like anymore? You could surf through a website or blog, glance at a poster of flyer and get instant access to music that you want downloaded directly into your mobile phone these days! It would be a sticker, a poster or mobile advertisement found on a bus – all you have to do is to scan the QR Code with your mobile phone and be led to a mobile web page where you can download media files into your phone for instant access.

Grum, one of UK’s renowned dance music producers, is one of the few to take hold of the QR Code technology and turning it into a new marketing vehicle for his music. If you see one of his posters on the street, you can scan the QR Code and instantly hear the music on your phone or listen to it with the radio function on the phone. In fact, if you are using an iPhone or an equivalent, you can purchase the music right there and then!

We’d say that Grum is part of a group of music producers who is genuinely moving with the paradigm shift.

Grum’s new single and future releases contain a certain creative element to them. Those interested should download their favorite QR Code scanner into their phones, scan the QR Code with your mobile phone and then listen to the music.

Ironically, the music industry has been exploring this idea for the longest time….cautious yet interested to get their foot into the door. What can you say? Grum got his entire body in through the door first and he’s got a head-start in a lot of ways.

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