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Grocery Shopping Network’s Move Into Mobile Marketing And Online Social Networking


One of the biggest problems about promoting one’s Facebook page of Twitter profile is the URL. For some of us more tech-savvy ones, we know that all we need to remember is the basic username and all you need is to add the .com into it. For example, for Beqrious’ Twitter account, it would be www.twitter.com/beqrious. But not everyone’s as tech-savvy, hence, it is a challenge to try promoting the pages to them. It seems such a pity to have them write it down on a piece of paper or take a photo of the poster or wherever it is that they are seeing the URL so that they can remember it when they get back home.

There has to be an easier way and Grocery Shopping Network‘s going into it head first.

Grocery Shopping Network, in a press release announcement, told the media about their new QR code program which is aimed at promoting their online social networking sites like Facebook page and Twitter account. Becoming a fan of the chain of grocer is now a scan away.

For those of you who are not familiar with what QR Codes are, here’s a clue. Although, by nature, QR Codes are similar to the normal barcode systsm that we are using right now (on product packaging), QR Codes are much more powerful in that they can contain much more information. Therefore, the codes can be used as offline links to an online world. Japan’s been using the QR Code technology for more than a decade…the rest of the world are a little slow on catching up. Slowly but surely, with the rise in the number of smart phone users, we’re in on the technology…at last. If you’re living in large cities like NYC, we are sure you must have seen QR Codes popping up everywhere especially on billboards and bus ads.

Grocery Shopping Network’s representative related how they intend to grow their expanding mobile and social media strategy in the future as they believe that a large part of their consumers will be using smart phone scanners. QR Codes is a key connection between the company and its customers and it provided an active and interactive connection that can only work to enhance the relationship further.

Based on studies done, roughly forty percent of people who own smart phones have already downloaded a working QR Code reader into their phones. New smart phones, as it was earlier reported, come pre-loaded with a QR Code reader in the future too.

Smart move by Grocery Shopping Network.

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