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Green Museum In PA Uses QR Code


MF (Mattress Factory) is not a mattress factory but instead, it’s a relatively popular art museum that recently developed a green thumb. MF is located in Pittsburg, PA. They’ve been actively going paperless and delving into technology in hope of spreading the green message. The membership coordinator of MF, Linday O’Leary, has been trying to make their marketing and membership signup process as paperless as possible. The museum is an aggressive promoter and marketer of the work of their artists which are proudly exhibited in their gallery.

This month, O’Leary has been talking to other members and staff of the museum about their green initiatives and the museum is working with Jeffrey Inscho who introduced the QR Code technology to the museum. Another fascinating find….green activities combined with technology.

Visitors of the museum can scan a QR Code at the entrance and find out more information about the museum. As they approach each art exhibit, I think there would be QR Codes on the art exhibits too and when scanned with a web-enabled mobile phone with a QR Code scanner and reader, videos, images and details about the artist and artwork. All of that information can be found on the mobile phone right there and then.

I personally love the idea and think that it’s a brilliant way to introduce the work of the artist and promote the artist themselves to the visitors.

MF is the first American museum to ever adopt the paperless membership concept and also the few leading pioneers of the green museums in the country.

Take a look at the video and see what it is about.


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