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Great Insights About QR Code Marketing Campaigns


Being a writer for BeQRious, I am ALWAYS talking and asking other people about what they think about QR Codes and how the technology might change their lives or how everything worked. And it is fascinating to find so many new insights and ways to use QR Code technology through these conversations and debates.

One of the debates I had recently was when a friend asked me this – ‘Why would I want to whip out my phone, load the QR Code reader and scan the code when I see a QR Code with a URL written right there? Why can’t I just load the browser on my phone and type the URL in (since it is short) since it’s a little faster and less dangerous. You don’t know what is hidden in the code, anyway’

Good point, I say.

Make it specific

This made me think a little deeper about how people are using the codes these days. Most companies and advertisements are merely pointing the code to their corporate websites or a landing page. This is something that most people CAN wait to do when they get home or arrive at the office. My question is, where’s the urgency? Where’s the catch? Where is the ‘let’s do this and if you don’t, you are most probably not going to get the chance to!’ factor?

When organizing and strategizing your QR Code marketing campaign, I hope that you put a little more thought into being more specific. Point the QR Code to a new game, a content, a competition, a new blog post, a new product or something that they might have some trouble finding if they didn’t scan the code RIGHT THERE AND THEN.

So, my take is that we should put a little bit more effort into being specific.

Make it the real thing

Here’s another incident. Recently, it was reported that there was a mobile shopping ad placed somewhere in South Korea and it was such a big hit with the locals. We even wrote about it here on BeQRious. However, a couple of weeks (maybe days) later, it was said (with photograph as proof) that the ad was not the real thing. Someone placed the ad there, took some photographs and then two hours later, removed it.

The ad was never there.

Although it hard for us to determine if it was real or if it really happened or not, we tend to believe in the positive. So, if you are going to roll out a QR Code marketing campaign, remember to not make it a half-hearted effort. Make it the real thing. Pour your heart into it and give people a REALLY good reason to like you because you made an effort. 


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