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Granville Businesses Adopt QR Codes


A bunch of Granville businesses are using quick response codes to give Ohio consumers direct access to their mobile websites and other business-related online content. These businesses include:

  • Chisolm Photography Studio, which placed a QR code on its calendar ad,
  • Artiflora Floral Studio, which included a code on its promotional postcards,
  • Lemonade Fitness, which put up a QR code on a sign just above its door,
  • Jake’s Property Services, whose QR code can be seen on its bulk mailer, and
  • Prudential Integrity One, which uses a code on the top right-hand corner of the weekly Sentinel insert.

Gary Chisolm, who owns Chisolm Photography, made a QR code as his display ad in the annual Granville calendar of the Chamber of Commerce. Scanners to Chisolm’s QR code get taken to his monthly specials. There will only be one QR code for the life of the calendar, and Chisolm merely updates the specials each month on the website.

Chisolm said that through a printed QR code, updated information can be accessible. With a QR code, the owner is able to change the online content as needed, unlike a printed advertisement. Chisolm also saw another advantage of using QR codes: it can be used to link to different forms of content, from websites, to text messages, to videos, to phone numbers, or to a location-based online platform. Plus, a QR code offers people on the go a speedy and a more accurate way of obtaining information.

Don Moxley, who owns Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, has a QR code prominently displayed on his East Broadway location sign, making him the most visible QR code user in Granville. He said that through his code, he gets customers connected to his upstairs facility. His code takes scanners to a video site optimized for Lemonade.

Moxley attested that a month after he put up his QR code sign, he already had 15 scans, with some of them having contacted him about Lemonade.

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