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Google’s QR Code Game


We all know that Google’s game for it as far as QR Code is concerned. They have launched massive plans to make the search engine as mobile-friendly as possible and even came up with their very own version of QR Codes. Recently, there was this event called Google Developer Day 2009 which was held all the way in Prague. Obviously, we were not there to be in on the fun of it all but there was a fantastic QR Code game that approximately one-hundred people participated in during the event. The fantastic prizes that Google was giving away on that day might have something to do with the active participation of the attendees.

It was said that the QR Code Game was pulled off almost flawlessly except the part where some people did not get to view the end presentation of the prizes when the game was done with. But notwithstanding the minor flaw, the people had a really good time going around hunting for the QR Codes that were stuck onto stuff like boxes, chairs, walls, etc. It must feel like going on a virtual treasure hunt.

Basically, what happened was that the attendees were sent out hunting for as many QR Codes as they could find and then scan it with their phones. Each QR Code earned them points, some more than the others, depending on difficulty. The players can check their own scores directly from the phone and compare it to others who were playing the game so, it got more than a little exciting trying to catch up to those who were also playing.

The game may sound like something only large corporations can organize but considering the fact that many people already own QR Code-enabled phones, it is possible for just about ANYONE and ANY CORPORATION to organize something like this. You could do it during your company’s annual dinner or a corporate function. It would be fun event for private parties especially when it gives the whole event a interesting twist. If budget is a concern, we suggest that you simply get started with creating QR Codes for free here and then start printing them out. The code could contain simple messages or hints as to where the next QR Code is hidden.

How you decide to design the game is entirely up to you since the cost is minimal. So, think about it. The next time you are asked to come up with an interesting game to play to liven up the atmosphere at a too-serious business function, remember what Google did.

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