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Google Play’s Privacy Scandal


If you have ever purchased an app on Google Play, then you must be aware that your private details may have been compromised.

It recently came to light that developers on Google Play can see your e-mail address, your name and other more personal details about you.

The revelation came from an Australian app developer named Dan Nolan. Nolan wrote on his personal blog that he could see private details about the people who bought his own app.

Nolan writes that with the information available, rogue app developers could easily harass and track down buyers. Particularly if they left a bad review of the game or asked for a refund. We think that the app developers could also use the e-mail address to stalk you on Google+ or Facebook.

It is scary to think that Google is giving app developers all of these information without telling users about it. There is nowhere in the Google Play checkout system that informs people that they will be giving personal details about them to the app developers.

In fact, Nolan writes on his blog, that app developers are also given your e-mail address so that they could contact you for e-mail offers.

Google Wallet Transactions

Apparently, this happens because Google treats all app purchases as a Google Wallet transaction. So everything you give out when you make a face to face purchase is also given out to app developers.

The thing is, you are giving out these information about yourself without knowing about it, much less without consenting to it.

Google Responds

A Google representative has already responded to the mess, unfortunately, it is not one that would assuage your fears or assure you that it would not happen in the future.

Instead, the representative explained why they were giving out your private information in saying that you are buying from individual developers not from them. Google is giving out your name, e-mail address and location so that these developers can compute the right sales tax.

That’s it. The representative also says that they do not give out tax advice. If you ask us, that comment is nowhere near addressing the privacy issues. At all.

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