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Google Overtakes Internet Explorer As Preferred Web Browser


This writer over here is just surprised that it didn’t happen sooner because everyone knew it was going to happen anyway…it is just a matter of time. Over the years, ever since Google first introduced Chrome, the Google-run web browser was slowly closing in on the edge that age-old browser, Internet Explore, has on the market share. Recently, according to a reliable study done by StatCounter, it was announced that finally…FINALLY….Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s preferred web browser.

The fight was a slow and steady one with Chrome now leading the pack of web browsers with 32.76% of market share and Internet Explorer still owning 31.94% of web users. Just so we know how significant this win is, let’s just remember that a year back, Chrome owned a miserly 19% of the share with Mozilla Firefox keeping it steady at 29%.

We would like to think that Chrome was not nearly as popular back then because it was unsteady, did not come with as many tools as it does now and…basically, Google was strong but it wasn’t the monopoly that it really is now.

With Google strong-arming its way into every possible tech angle it can find, it was only a matter of time that Chrome led the pack. In fact, I personally feel that the narrow gap now will only widen over the next couple of years. Just the other day, we saw Google changed its Google Docs to Google Drive and it even comes with its own PC-enabled app too which automatically downloads, stores and updates all the files that you have Google Docs. With the app, the files on Drive are updated instantly in a folder in your personal computer or laptop.

If Google doesn’t ‘own the world’ right now, it will very soon. Synchronizing stuff on mobile apps has never been easier too if you are an Android user. Google also holds strong because of its ownership and control over YouTube and Blogspot and whilst it has little to do with the choice that people make about the browser that they use, it is most certainly more convenient logging into your accounts when you are using Chrome.

We are unsure about how Firefox is going to balance things out on their front but I am sure the tech team for Internet Explorer and Firefox saw it coming and are now busy trying to do damage control.

This is merely the opinion of this writer. If you feel differently, please do share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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