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Google Offers A Challenge To Groupon


It is a well-known fact that Google tries to buy everything that it has its sights on. Remember when Google tried to tackle down Facebook and Facebook said ‘nuh-uh’? well, what do we have? Yes, we now have G+. Despite the fact that G+ is hardly (not yet, not right now, anyway) a big challenger to Facebook at this point in time, they’re catching up because G+ works in a unique way. 


If you’ve used Tumblr before, you will know it when I say this….it’s less judgmental. When you post something on Facebook, you are afraid of what people might think, what people might say or comment. The very fact that you are going to be posting on Facebook scares the bits out of everyone. Well, that is a little dramatic but you get the point. The reason for this is because everyone, from your grandmother to your pet dog, is on Facebook. But that is not the ONLY reason people tend to close the shutter when on Facebook. This online social networking site is simply more…too real for comfort. 

In Tumblr and now on G+, everything is a little more out-in-the-open. When you go to G+ and Tumblr, you half expect no one to be there or expect the people there to not care what you are going to say or share. This makes sharing all the more easier and…healthier too, suspect. 

And anyway, that is not what I was going to talk about today. That was an ‘aside’. As I was saying, Google tries to buy everything it has its sight on. Recently, if you are into tech news, you would have known that Google tried to buy Groupon, a leading worldwide ‘deal hunting’ sensation that swept the world off its feet. The reason why the site hit off so well is a no brainer. Everyone loves a good deal. 

When Google courted Groupon, Groupon, unlike Blogger and YouTube, said ‘no. 

And when you turn Google down, you can only expect one thing…they are going to challenge you. They are going to build a team to build something, an application or a website or a service, VERY similar to yours and they promise to give you a run for your money. 

Hence, the release of a new FREE application for Android phones, which we hope will give Groupon a run for its money and it is called Google Offers. I am surprised with the….’leaves nothing to the imagination’ name for the service. If you have an Android phone, go ahead and download the application and get amazing offers and updates onto your phone for free. 

Just like Groupon, the service is geo-friendly. So, if you are in France, you will get updates about best deals in France. I have not personally tried the device out but if you have, please feel free to share your experience with us here, at BeQRious. You will need to get into Android Market to get the software if you are ready to give the app a go. 


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