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Google Maps is Back on Apple


It was a big day for Google yesterday as well as it was a fantastic one for Apple fans…Google Maps app finally made its way for iOS phones and devices! Three months ago, Apple replaced Google Maps with their very own Map navigational system but fans were disappointed with the inferior quality and information. So, on Wednesday, Apple fans can now celebrate all over again and welcomed the app back to their devices.

Apple is inferior to no one, we would all have to agree with this, with their amazing stability and steadfast maintenance of quality products. But Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple issued a public apology over the quality of their Maps all some time back and said that it would be best for iOS users to consider using Google Maps instead while the team worked on improving their own Map app. Someone even got sacked because of the quality of the app.

Anyway, what happened with Apple’s map app? Basically, it wasn’t in-depth enough because the app could not recognize towns and got quite a fair number of people lost when they relied on the map. Some people even said that it was life threatening, especially if they were tourists who were unfamiliar with the cities and towns. But that was just in Australia, we hope.

The team behind Google, including Daniel Graf, the mobile director for Google Maps, began developing the app for iOS even before Apple long before Apple scratched them out and word has it that they started it from scratch too.

The downside to all of this is perhaps the fact that Google might consider streaming ads into the apps…which is, for most of us, are quite happy dealing with. Android fans have been seeing ads on apps for ages so, this is nothing surprising, nor is it anything new. But it would be considered quite a novel idea for Apple users.

The surprising thing was that Google initially decided not to include a special feature which helps people get to their intended destination just like a GPS would for the Apple app. In the end, they included it!

Some are asking if Google was making a mistake by making Android less competitive but many would argue otherwise. All those improvements are positive for Apple and its users while Google wins the cheers of the crowd. So, you can say with confidence that everyone wins in this battle.

Google was so happy with the return that they had a little fun with their Twitter accounts…well, Youtube, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, and Gmail decided to have some fun too.


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