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Google Authenticator To The Rescue


Let’s admit it, as amazing as the world can sometimes be, there are bad, mean and ill-intentioned people lurking around cyber corners. They are waiting for one unsuspecting person to lose their phone, password, go through unsecured wifi connections or simply someone who likes to download stuff into their personal computers, laptops, mobile phones or tabs. The very moment the chance presents itself, they are in. And most mobile users would be left clueless and dumbfounded.

Google is a free platform and that, in itself, presented a sort of danger to Android lovers because leaving the system open to good people also means leaving it open to the bad ones.

So, who is afraid of the big, black wolf now that we know everything that we have is probably somewhere in one of Google’s servers and per chance someone could get into the account, they would have access to every single little file, picture, music, work, website, blogs, bookmarks, etc.

That DOES sound like your everyday Joe who goes to work on the sub, work and then head for a beer after work with his buddies, doesn’t it? Google is a large corporation that has always placed importance on how to protect the people who use their system, therefore, it was really great news to hear that Google Authenticator app was launched earlier this month. The main purpose of the app is to double-authenticate the user whenever they are logging in from a different device and protect the safety of all information contained within the device from malicious manipulation.

The mere thought of someone hacking into MY own personal Google account sends shivers down my spine. Just imagine the load of information that we, normal working folks, have in our tablets and mobile device and having them hacked into can give mobile users, quite literally, a mental breakdown.

But here is a word of warning, authenticating the account might take some time, even for experts because validity of the codes and QR Code generated by Google’s servers are valid for merely thirty seconds and so does the QR Code. If you take longer than thirty seconds, another set of codes will appear. This is, however, necessary to completely ensure that the person logging in is the real owner of the account.

Despite the tiny bit of trouble that you might have to endure, we think it is totally necessary for cloud computing users. For those of you who wants to read a little bit more about authenticating your account, head over here.

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