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Goodbye Google Wallet?


We are excited to hear that ISIS will be available in the United States. ISIS is a mobile payment system that uses near-field communication and is backed by T-Mobile, Mobility, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

ISIS has been on test run in two markets, Austin and Salt Lake City since August 2012. Now it is ready to be rolled out in all US markets.

The trial involved more than 4,000 establishments in just two markets. During the test run, the average customer uses ISIS more than ten times a month. ISIS users are also open to have the businesses send them notifications and communications via their mobile phones.

AT&T and the other backers also said that ISIS helped bring more people inside the store. Further, ISIS encouraged users to sign up for loyalty programs.

This is very important, especially in light of the recent Google announcement that they were going to pull the plug on the loyalty cards and gifting feature of their own mobile payment service: Google Wallet.

Things, it seems, are not going well for Google Wallet. A lot of industry watchers are taking this development as a warning sign. What’s more, Google was just unsuccessful in getting hardware support for their mobile wallet product. And because carriers are supporting ISIS, Google Wallet also lost out on that front too.

Google had a great head start in the field of NFC-assisted mobile payments. ISIS took a long time before launching with a working product. This should have given Google more than its share of early adopters. But from the very start, only a few handsets supported it. The lack of handsets meant limited users, which made merchants think twice about offering Google Wallet.

On the handset front, Apple still has not adapted NFC into its handsets. This would have meant that Google’s Android operating system had exclusive access to NFC-related services.

Could Google Wallet be on the way out, especially now that ISIS has finally launched?

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