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Even as I am writing this, I am pretty sure someone else out there is getting curious about QR Codes and is amazed by what these seemingly boring codes can do. The word is spreading like forest fire and we are absolutely crazy about it!

Recently, a representative from ShareSquare said that he knows and strongly believes that QR Code technology have changed how people buy stuff, find information and interact with each other. ShareSquare, for your info, is a QR Code-based website and service.

This statement came from someone who knew how people ticked, how consumers chase for information and how quickly they want details. With QR Codes, gone are the days when we see a poster of a film we want to catch but have to wait to get home so that we can read more about the film to see if it was worth our time…on our personal computers or laptops.

In fact, to jazz things up a little bit more, advertisers are SELLING tickets, products, services, albums, t-shirts, books, etc right out of posters and direct mailers – that’s how quick things are getting. Using our phone for anything other than voice communication is nothing new. We have been using our cell phones for internet, email, and SMSing for the longest time; therefore, in my opinion, consumers will have no problem getting used to pulling out their phones to buy something…even if it means scanning a confusing black-and-white box.

Unsurprisingly, in our very own backyard, an SMS campaign usually, more often than not, generate huge amount of support from interested consumers. The reason these campaigns tend to be successful is because people love the speed of response. So, can you image what things will be like if SMS campaigns was combined with QR Code? It will be mind-blowing, I’m sure.

A good example of successful similar campaigns recently rolled out is the Groupon (online coupon) campaign. If someone told you that you could get a discount by scanning a simple barcode…why not?

With QR Codes, in actuality, you are showing the consumers that you, as a corporation (be it large or small) is ready to give them a little extra and making shopping more convenient for them.

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