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The current rate of unemployment is at a staggering rate with many college or university and school leavers finding it hard to rope in the job of their dreams. In such a situation, these students will either start their own businesses or start promoting themselves like they have never done before online and offline.

Online job hunting is nothing new but what we need to do in such a competitive situation is to get creative. The one way that you can stand out in your job search is to think outside of the box…and knowing us, yes, think of using a QR Code to promote yourself. With a QR Code, the potential employer will think of you as someone who is creative enough, smart enough and need the job enough to do just a little bit more than others. Do it while the idea of QR Code is still a novel idea, of course. We suspect that 10 years down the road, most people would have it already.

So, how do you do it?

First of all, you need to point it to a mobile-friendly website or create a simple one with links to all your online stuff and portfolio with www.zinadoo.com. And you are ready to go.

Personal business card – come up with your own professional business card….well, it isn’t technically a business card but it is a card that introduces you on a personal level to whoever you meet. Print the QR Code onto the business card and pass one to the interviewer. Watch for the reaction.

Of course, there is no question about printing the QR Code onto your resume. In the case of printing the QR Code onto the resume, we suggest that you create a separate page that showcases your talents, skills and portfolio. For instance, if you are a photographer, link it to your profile and portfolio site. This way, the interviewer or potential employer will not be seeing exactly the same thing on the mobile phone when they are already looking at your resume. A complete waste of time for them and instead of winning you brownie points, negative feelings may develop too. So, do it wisely and think like an employer.

Wear it on yourself…liberally. We have seen some people do some really crazy stuff like tattooing it onto their arms (perhaps it is a temporary tattoo designed for special occasions, business gatherings, and such. There are others who print the QR Code onto t-shirts or shirts. Another guy had the QR Code sewn onto his jacket while another unabashedly wore a tie with a QR code.

The point of all of this is to get noticed. You’ll never know when the next employer might hop along.  


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