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Gimme! Uses QR Cards to Make Loyalty Programs, Deals, Coupons and Discounts Easier for Consumers


If you are one of those people who regularly miss out on loyalty programs, savings coupons and mail in rebates, you are definitely losing a lot of money by not availing of them.

However, we understand it if you find it difficult to redeem because you always forget or you have lost your loyalty cards or because you find cutting out coupons too much of a hassle.

If this is the case, then you would definitely love Gimme! This new company is using QR codes to help make loyalty programs, cash-back rewards, and coupons easier to claim and redeem.

You could get rid of all those loyalty cards and coupons that crowd up your wallet.

Plus, Gimme! also tries to make it work for your business. For one, they advertise your deals and promotions on their site. Business owners can get instant social promotion if they offer deals on Gimme! With the coupons, loyalty programs and cash- backs easy to redeem, your customers are enticed to visit you again. It is certainly an easy way to get new customers and keep them coming back, as well as to increase loyalty and sales.

How does it work?

When you partner with Gimme!, you will be able to print QR codes on your receipt. Your customers can then use their iPhones and Android phones with their own scanning apps and scan the QR code on the receipt. That is how simple it is.

The discounts and cash back are instant. You do not need to collect so there is no chance to forget about your savings. You get it after you make a purchase at a Gimme! partner.

Sounds Like Punchd?

You might think that Gimme! is something like QR code-based Punchd, which Google bought out earlier this year. But it works differently. Punchd gets rid of loyalty cards, but you would still have to collect punches.

Also, Gimme! is not only about loyalty programs. It has more applications such as deals, cash backs and discount coupons as well.

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