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Getting The Details Before Purchasing Off Counter Medication


It occurred to us that not everyone is in the pharmaceutical industry and not every one of us know the benefits and side-effects of some of the medication that we regularly take. In some countries, not enough effort is made to inform consumers about the dangers and side-effects of drugs which could result in misuse or abuse.

We are talking about off-the-counter drugs that do not need prescription made available in your common pharmacy or drug store, not the kind that is prescribed by Doctors.

Now, imagine if you could walk into a pharmacy and you are clueless as to which drug to purchase to cure that persistent migraine of yours and you only want the one that is most effective without too many side-effects. There is a whole line-up of drugs with fancy names you don’t recognize. Seriously, every other month, there are new drugs being introduced that claims to treat all of our humanly problems. Can you blame the consumers for needing the help of a sleepy sales assistant or a pharmacist?

With QR Codes, here’s what you get: information about the drugs. Knowing what the drugs can do to your body is important because no matter how small the difference is, consumers have the right to make informed decisions. Especially when it has something to do with their body, health and general well-being.

Most of the time, off-the-counter drugs are carelessly labeled and don’t come with instructions when they are out of the box. Some drug stores will simply pull the medicine out of the packaged boxed (which is where the instructions are) and sell them in loose doses.

What these drugs stores of manufacturers should do is to print out QR Codes that resolves to online web pages that contains information about the drugs. In fact, the QR Code should resolve to a forum or review website or blog whereby consumers can share their opinions and feedback about the drug. This way, the information comes from multiple sources and consumers can get first-hand information before purchasing the medicine.

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