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Getting Into Your Customers’ Heads With A QR Code


In today’s business world, companies are getting more aggressive and competitive, all thanks to the internet and mobile technology.

Therefore, we see a lot of companies out there trying to come up with applications and technology to keep up with their customers, much like the services offered by BeQRious with our QR Code tracking system that allows you to track every single one of your QR Codes.

So, how do you make use of QR Codes for your business if you are bent on getting into your consumers’ heads?

Understanding what your customers are interested in by looking at their behavior
Google has it in the form of Analytics. BeQRious tracking system works the same way. It helps you create a campaign, generate a QR Code completely fee of charge and then helps you track it, compile it and present it to your analysis LIVE. In fact, if you want to receive emails for every single time a potential customer scans the code, whatever floats your boat, by all means, do it.

For retail outlets, sometimes it is hard to get customers to share what they feel about your products and services because people are always on the run. In order to complete a survey, they need to grab the survey form, fill it up right there in front of you and then hand it over. People don’t want to be impolite, sometimes. Another problem is that they have to hand the survey in to you, in your face, or pop it into a box. Most consumers are conservative and prefer it if they were given more space and time to do it at their accord.

Instead of physically filling up the survey, I feel that it would be better if retailers printed out a QR Code on the receipt so that customers can scan the QR Code when they get home and fill the form up discreetly. And anonymously.

It is a win-win situation for both retailer and consumer
Retailers know what the consumers feel and the consumer gets the space they want when they provide a feedback.

What retailers can do to generate more feedback is to give consumers an incentive to provide the survey. For example, if they scanned the code and shared their thoughts, give them a discount for their next purchase.

So, give it a shot and create your first ever QR Code with our QRCodeTracking system and get cracking. 


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