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Getting Hired: Using the QR Code to Reinvent Yourself


Lots have been said about QR codes and its use in business and education.  In our News section, QR code marketing success and fail stories abound, as well as the different ways for QR codes to enhance learning both inside and outside the classroom.

However, with a technology that is as flexible as the QR code, you are sure to benefit more using these codes for yourself.  It is time to reinvent yourself using the QR code.

First, where do you put a QR code for yourself?

1. Resume.  Just think of what a QR code can do for your resume.  For one, it would make it easier for you to standout from among dozens, possibly hundreds of applicants.  With a QR code, the recruiter’s attention is immediately seized.  It is different from the usual resume with just words and perhaps a picture.

What’s more, putting a clever link behind your QR code would certainly help you get hired.  If you are applying for a graphic artist position, you can link your best artwork as an image file, or perhaps link to your online portfolio.  If you are trying to cinch a writer position, you can easily direct the QR code to your blog.

You can also go to Vizibility, an online service that allows you to select your top five Google search results.  Vizibility also gives you a QR code that points to these search results.  SO in a way, you are in control of what your potential employer sees about you online.

2. Blogs and other personal sites.  You take a long time to brush up your website, or make sure that your blog is updated and well-written.  Time to get the word out to your friends with a QR code.  You could easily invite them with your QR code that links to your Facebook account, personal website, or blog.

3. QR Code Business Card.  A QR code on a business card is not new, but you could make your business card stand out by having a QR code on it.  It could be a simple vCard that allows your friends and colleagues to save your contact details conveniently, or it could be more interactive, asking them to follow you on Twitter or perhaps add you as a friend on Facebook.

Getting a QR code for yourself works for you because:

1. It’s a great conversation starter.  Imagine you’re in a conference and there are 10 people who want to connect with the owner of a local business.  You’re number 11 and when you hand out your business card, it’s placed together with the rest.  With a QR code, you could easily break the ice, and the nice thing is that more or less, the other person — your recipient — is going to start the conversation.  

It could be something as simple as “What is this?”  or “Hmn, I’ve seen one before.” or “How did you do this?”  But it will be sure to break the ice and keep the conversation flowing.

2. Image enhancement.  A QR code lets you communicate the fact that you are well-versed in new technologies and trends.  Having the QR code in your resume can help you come off as in-tune with the times.  It makes you appear as an early adopter, a thought leader, and an innovator.

3. Ease of sharing information.  A QR code helps you to easily share the information you want to share.  Let’s say that you are in an interview and the recruiter seems genuinely interested in your previous work as a website designer. A QR code can easily point him or her to your online portfolio, rather than writing the URL down on a piece of paper. Conversely, think about the last time you had to write down the URL of a personal website or blog and lead them to an interest buyer at a networking event.  With a QR code on your business card or resume, you have a way to easily share the information with your recipient!


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