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Get Your Videos Noticed with a QR Code


Each minute, YouTube gets more than 72 hours of video. Can you imagine the amount of content that people are uploading to the video sharing site? If you were a small company looking to use videos to market your products, services or company, it would be very difficult to gain people’s attention without any help.

Thankfully, there are a lot of new technologies that can help your video get noticed. One of them is the QR code.

You can place the video behind a QR code and then print these on flyers, asking people to scan them to see your latest video catalogue, advertisement or any other video content you have. You can also put it on your receipts, in store near the cash registers or the product displays. You could even put this on your boxes or packaging.

Be sure, however, that you make it worth your customers’ while. For example, after watching the video, offer to give them a discount on their next purchase. Put the instructions on how to avail of this discount within the video or after the video.

On the other hand, if you have a new commercial, you could use QR codes to take people to an online site that talks more about the products you advertised. By putting a static QR code on the video you created, your customers and interested prospects can scan it and they will be taken to your website or a specific product page online. There, they can learn more about the product, order it and have it delivered. All these are possible even before your commercial ends and your customers do not even have to leave their houses.

What you should never do. Create an endless loop with your video marketing. For instance, you run a commercial on TV that includes a QR code in it. People scan the QR code and what do they get? The same commercial running on their smartphones. Only this time, they are paying to see it by using up their phone’s data services.

When using QR codes, you cannot be a mindless copycat. Just because you saw a QR code on a commercial on TV does not mean that you should use it for your own commercial. You need to give your customers something extra to thank them for their effort in scanning your code. If you do not, then your customers will be frustrated.

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