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Get The Weather With QR Code, Americans


To those in Japan and some Asian countries, it is just QR Code…something you can find, literally, everywhere. To others in less developed countries, you stare at it, not knowing what to do with it. Maybe it has some sort of alien aesthetic value, you’re thinking?

Americans are a little slow on catching the bug but we are getting there. One good proof would be this video over here which shows us that The Weather Channel is already using QR Codes to promote their services.


This is surprisingly good news for us because it goes to show that Americans are slowly accepting the concept of using QR Codes in their everyday lives. The other thing is that with introduction of QR Codes, every single exposure, creates curiosity. Even for those who are not into the whole mobile marketing or mobile networking scene, they will now get wonder what all the hype is all about.

Particularly so when it is on television like that.

The bad news is that The Weather Channel should consider making the QR Code visible for a longer period of time. If you watched the weather, you are basically given a meager 5 seconds to pull out your phone. What if the phone was somewhere else? Why isn’t time being given for loading of the QR Code reader? What if they are in the middle of a phone call?

It would be a good idea for The Weather Channel to keep the QR Code in the bottom side corner of the screen for a longer period of time.

For those who do not know what a QR Code is and is hearing this for the very first time. QR Code is a barcoding system that acts like a link to the online world. Yes, a link. That is because it serves as a link to online content and when the QR Code is scanned, you can get access (in this case, you get weather updates) to online content like articles, facebook profiles, websites, videos, wallpaper downloads, music files, etc. The beauty of the technology is that all you need is your smart phone instead of the kind of scanner that the malls have.

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