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Get It On With The Younger Generation With QR Codes

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Although QR Codes is popular amongst many cross-sections of consumers because people are already aware of the usefulness of QR Codes technology, I would say that the group that recognize them more deeply and are more willing to use them are younger groups of people. The younger crowd is more tech-savvy and picks new technology up really quickly at this day and age. They could be facing a hundred different types of new apps and tech stuff and pick them up within a couple of hours. The older generation is willing but their ability to catch up seems to be lagging behind a little. The older generation also seems to need more coaxing, encouraging and reasons.

Therefore, with that said, I think if your target market is the younger generation, QR Codes is the way to go.

Yes, I would say that internet, TV and radio are great ways to get your message across but the younger generation is more mobile and on-the-go. They are also getting smarter and more skeptical about our old school ways and if you were to use QR Code for promotion and marketing, you would be putting yourself way up ahead against your competitors.

Some companies sees this as an opportunity to bring the new wave craze into old school marketing…for instance, printing QR Codes onto flyers and leaflets that led mobile phone users to online social networking accounts. The more tech-savvy you are, the more points you can win from them. To top it all off, the younger generation are more interactive and want to have a say about the kind of products and services they see, get and use.

What I strongly recommend is to use QR Codes wisely when interacting with the younger generation. Make it count for something instead of sending them over to a site or content that they are not interested in. All of this is not news to use who are already onto smartphones after ditching the old school ‘calls only’ mobile phones. Long gone are the days when we can live without our smartphones in our hands. Leave your phone at home? Be prepared to make the journey back home to get it because it is likely that you will need an app in there to organize something, find a link, book a ticket or pay your summons.

With the young ones, we need to keep one thing in mind, if it is the only thing that you keep in mind when putting your marketing game plan together – trigger an action. When they scan the code, you want them to go WOW and COOL. You don’t want them to go, ‘Oh’.

QR Codes technology is also a great way to offer loyalty programs to the youngsters too and not surprisingly, they, having less earning power, will have a better impression of you when you offer them discounts on their smartphones.

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