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Get Chocolate Easter Eggs with a QR Code


Across the pond, Thorntons has started to use QR codes to allow people to buy Easter egg chocolates any time, any day. The best thing is that it only costs you 1 pence each!

Thorntons is the largest independent chocolate company in the United Kingdom, with over 400 outlets, 200 franchises, and a strong online e-commerce site at www.thorntons.co.uk.

Posters for Thornstons’s 1p Easter eggs can now be seen on the streets and are rolled out by Mobile Money Network. People would need to download the Simply Tap mobile app or use any QR code scanner to scan the relevant QR code for the chocolate that they want to buy. The transaction is instantly processed!

The campaign also features image recognition, so buyers could either scan a QR code, or snap a picture of the chocolate they like.

Sounds like Thornstons has learned that virtual QR code shops are a great idea, especially with the success of Tesco South Korea and other similar retailers from all over the world. QR codes have provided a way for retailers to make each marketing material, such as a flyer or a poster, become a store for their products.

However, Thornstons would be one of the first few to roll out a QR code campaign involving a single product line, as most other virtual QR code stores offered different types of goods.

Mobile Makes Sense for Thornstons

Thornstons Direct head Matt King says that mobile transactions and payments would prove to be a valuable asset for the company. This is because chocolate has always been more of an impulse buy. What’s more, King says that mobile payment is a great complement to their existing channels.

But Why QR Codes?

John Milliken, Mobile Money Network’s managing director, also states that QR codes and image recognition both allow retailers to get more people to buy products, leading to a significant increase in revenue by making every communication or advertisement a chance to sell.

Milliken adds that the customers benefit by having easy access to the products that they want to buy any time, any where.

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