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Get All the Yoshis in Mario Tennis Open!


Remember when Nintendo launched Mario Tennis Open for its 3DS game? They used QR codes to let players unlock new characters to the game.

A lot of gamers have turned to Google to find out where the QR codes are and get to scan them. If you think that you have missed your chance to get all the colored Yoshis now that the hunt has ended, well, you might want to check out this video if you are in Europe.

It has all the QR codes for the following Yoshis:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White

All you need to get the Yoshis is to scan that QR code you see there.

When the game first came out last May, unlockable characters were made available via either game play or scanning QR codes. Nobody thought that there were going to be seven different colored Yoshis among them. We said back then that this is a great way to extend the game play and fairly easy to implement. We think that more and more companies should use QR codes to offer additional features into their products. The fact that Nintendo now allows everybody to complete the collection makes the idea even better.

Why should you take time to unlock the Yoshis? Well, each one has different techniques, specialties and strengths. For example, the Blue Yoshi is very fast, while the Yellow Yoshi is very powerful.

Using your 3DS to scan the code:

After running Mario Tennis Open from the HOME menu, go to the Select File screen.

Create a save file if you do not have one.

Go back to the main Select File Screen and press up on the control pad while also pressing down START. This will initialize the scanning mode.

Point at the QR codes you see on the video and follow further instructions in order to get the new Yoshis into your game.

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