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Germans are more receptive of QR Code Technology than Brits


I stumbled across a piece of news which proved to be quite interesting – Brits, when compared to the Germans, are less receptive of QR Code technology. Based on some reports last year, we heard that there was a sharp increase in the number smartphone users in Britain as a whole. Which can only mean one thing…more Brits are hauling the internet with them. As to why Germans are more enthusiastic about this technology, we are not very sure.

The news piece which based the article on a report done up a consultancy company called SKOPOS also stated that there are more than twice the number of Germans using QR Codes compared to the English.

A representative from the company stated that the reason for this finding is perhaps because of the fact that Germans are promoting its use far more extensively and widely. German brands are also pushing through various marketing strategies and promotions which featured at least one QR Code while the Brits are not as enthusiastic a bunch. We, here at BeQRious, think that the Brits are more conservative and skeptical about the codes because of how open-ended it seems.

We heard this recently too in a report which compared how the Europeans and British use internet. While British people are quick to hop onto social media as a means of communication, they are less so for technology; the Germans are of the opposite which means that they are simply more private about their lives and are crazy about the next new smartphone model.

Speculations are rife that there is a danger to using QR Codes and that those consumers who have scanned a QR Code before are left less than impressed with what they get. This can be attributed to the fact that the early adopters of the technology did it wrongly or did not put as much thought and effort into promoting QR Code marketing campaigns. It was done in such a way that the QR Code simply pointed to a non-mobile-friendly website. Consumers who scanned the code would then have trouble viewing the site on their (screen size on mobile phones only RECENTLY got bigger, mind you) phones. It became a deterrent for QR Code technology growth in Britain.

In the meantime, we have heard one story after another about how creative people are using QR Codes in other parts of the world like in some parts of Asia and in Europe.

It is perhaps time for the Brit marketers to come up with a more creative and streamlined QR Code marketing game plan.

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