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German Charity Uses QR Codes to Get Donations


A German charity called Fiftyfifty used quick response codes in order to generate more donations. The charity’s unique awareness campaign, which was called Frozen Cinema and which ran from December to January, simulated or replicated the experience of those who are homeless in order to encourage people to donate to its cause.

For this campaign, Fiftyfifty worked hand-in-hand with cinemas across the country. The cinemas turned their air conditioning system down to 42°F (8°C). Moviegoers then got to watch a short film that featured homeless people telling them all about the campaign and explaining why the temperature in the theater was getting colder. Simply put, this campaign allowed moviegoers to experience the freezing cold temperature that the homeless have to deal with while staying outdoors during the cold winter months. And as the temperature in the cinema dropped, blankets with QR codes printed on them were distributed to the members of the audience.

The QR code on the blanket, when scanned using a mobile phone that is equipped with a QR code reader application, took scanners to a website that allowed them to donate money to the charity.

This particular campaign is truly unique in that it does not only use QR codes to connect the offline world with the online one. It went one step above the ladder and allowed people to physically experience how it is to be homeless in order for them to be able to empathize and sympathize. There was that physical reminder to reinforce the audio-visual presentation about the campaign. Needless to say, the QR codes were merely used to provide people with the quickest and easiest way to donate money, one in which they are no longer required to leave their seats. In fact, they can donate while snuggled warmly and cozily beneath their blankets.

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