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GameStop Gets Customized QR Code for Its Gears of War Campaign


Do you want to get the top games for your console at the moment? Well, head on to GameStop!

GameStop is currently the world’s leading video game retailer. With more than 6,100 stores within the United States and in 17 other countries — including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand — it is, globally, the largest retail gaming destination!

GameStop is also a leader when it comes to marketing. It is very prominent in social media. It maintains:

It also maintains two websites at http://gamestop.com and http://www.gamestopracing.com/.

So what is the next logical step for a leading video game retailer? Strengthen its branding with a QR code of course! 

The Story Behind GameStop’s Customized QR Code

Earlier this week, GameStop has started placing its customized QR code on its Facebook page.  The QR code takes scanners to this video:

Why the video?  Aside from being a fun watch, there is a deeper reason why GameStop wants you to see the video.  To celebrate the pre-order of Gears of War 3, Gamestop partnered with Epic Meal Time and FPS Russia to create — and DESTROY — an edible “meat shield.”  As all gamers know, this is a prominent fixture in the Gear of War series.  GameStop’s Eric Fransen adds, “The QR code points you to the YouTube video chronicling this event, featuring gameplay footage and plenty of bacon.”

Awesome Branding

The QR code pays tribute to the game Gears of War 3, and looking at the pre-order page at http://www.gamestop.com/collection/gears-of-war-3, you would see elements of the page embedded in the QR code.  In fact, instead of using the boxes in the normal QR codes, GameStop’s QR codes used gears.  Graphic elements and the color scheme also followed the design of this page.

GameStop teamed up with CustomQRCodes.com to produce the eye-catching customized Gears of War 3-inspired QR code you see here.  Get your own customized QR codes to match your marketing designs and branding now!

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