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G+ Integration Into Your Flixster Experience


Google is amazing, THIS is a fact that most of us working folks, especially those of us who are, most of the time, mobile and on the move, have to admit. Yes, we have Dropbox for cloud file sharing and what not. Yes, we have email to send stuff to each other. Yes, we have Facebook and Twitter for when we need to connect with people, family and friends but at the end of the day, when it comes to ONE single platform that enables an efficient working life, there is no one else other than Google. We love Google Docs.

On a personal level, my kid asked me what B.C. and A.D. stands for and for the life of me, I can’t remember what A.D. (verbatim) stands for and thank goodness for the existence of Google, I found out that it stands for Anno Domini (source: http://rcg.org/questions/p104.a.html) which means the year of the Lord.

We have a lot of be thankful for.

But if there was something that we see Google lacking in, it would be Google Plus. G+, as we lovingly refer to it, is so underutilized that it is kind of sad. While we see Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook all racing ahead of the pack, Google remained quite ‘contented’ in developing, promoting and pushing forward for G+ and yet, they promised that they were looking into the future of G+ and stuff. But still, we waited.

In recent months, I would have to say that we are finally seeing some of their plans coming into fruition. For Android and Blogger users, the instant ‘post to G+’ is hard to miss…well, it is because it comes in a quite ‘in your face’ way.

And then a couple of weeks back, Google made another announcement that they were upping the ante for G+ on the social front (yes, what other fronts can we consider G+ under, right?) and apparently, they are going to integrate G+ into other social networking and game apps. You know the way you can sign into one of your apps or games using your Facebook or Twitter ID? Yup, I think that is what the Google team is looking at.

For now, a pact has been made with Flixster, one of the world’s leading movie-watching platform in the market today, and users can now sign into their Flixster account using their Google ID. This means that you can watch a movie and then instantly provide a review on Google and other social networking sites once you are done with the movie. In fact, this also means that you can schedule in a movie that you want to watch, share it with your friends on social networking sites and then watch the movie ‘together’ completely online. Or you can join a club on Flxister just to watch it with a bunch of strangers and review it with them.

Honestly, that sounds quite fun!

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