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Funny Things To Print QR Codes On


We saw something really interesting on the internet today – someone went ahead to print QR Codes on a deck of cards. The ‘someone’ we are talking about is the Scottish comedic duo called ‘Barry and Stuart’. At the back of each card, there is a printed QR Code. It would have been really funny if the face of the card is empty, though, because each time you wanted to play the card, you will NEED to scan the QR Code. The game(s) played would, however, be at a much slower place.

Anyway, with that said, people are finding extremely useful and amusing ways to use QR Code. It shows that the public find it intriguing and are willing to give QR Codes a go…if they are not here to stay, we don’t know what is.

The deck of cards is, no doubt, one of the funniest we have seen but not the oddest.

Last year, we heard of a couple who got engaged and came up with their own designer couple-underwear, printed with a QR Code on it. They encoded a secret message onto the QR Code – only accessible to the other. Another man proposed to his now-wife via QR Code in Europe. I have to say that it IS creative and very, very secretive. I am sure his smartphone-friendly girlfriend found it touching and amusing as well.

A quirky and techno-geek owner of a restaurant found a brand new way to keep her customers occupied whenever they used the bathroom. She printed out a QR Code and below the code is this message: Spare time? Scan this for special message. And when customers scanned the QR Code behind the door of each stall, the message ‘Please remember to flush’ would come up on the screen. I thought that she should have included a special promotional message for her restaurant.

And speaking of restaurants, an Australian restaurant found it amusing to include a QR Code on their forks and spoons. The owner thought it was a great way to engage his customers and it gave them something to do (browse the menu and special promotions online) while waiting for their orders to be served.

Well, if they can print QR Codes on cupcakes, I will not put anything past these creative people. Have YOU seen QR Codes bring printed on unbelievable things as well? Share it with us, we’d love to hear them.

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