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Although Nick Bilton thinks that his new book entitled ‘I Live In the future and here is work it works‘ is the first printed book with digital connotations to be published, we need to remind you about a coffee table book which allows you to mark places all around the world that we wrote about some time back. His is not the first but we can safely assume that Nic Bilton’s new book is probably the first of its kind by its publisher.

The author believes that the future is already here – technologically. Nick Bilton is the technology writer for New York Times who thinks that the future is not Apple’s iBook, hence, the book will probably be unavailable through Apple’s iBook store. But no matter, we think that the book can achieve much without Apple’s help anyway. That is because the idea is quite refreshing considering the fact that NY, or the country in general, is quite slow on catching up with mobile technology.

Bilton’s book will feature a QR Code at the beginning of each chapter and readers can get access to exclusive information and files that the author made reference to or thought was useful. According to Bilton, you can load videos and links by scanning the QR Code and then discuss, comment, provide feedback about the particular chapter via the mobile phone.

This is incredibly creative of the author and publisher who obviously went through great lengths to create mobile sites for each of the chapter in the book. Extensive research must have been done and considering the refreshing idea, there might even be some large amounts of money involved in advertising and promoting the book.

Although Bilton is indirectly dissing iBook, it DOES come with an iPad and iPhone app so…no matter. All’s well.

The important aspect about the new book is that the readers can now directly connect with and interact with the writer and other readers of the book in real-time…which is an awesome idea no matter how you look at it. Bilton is one of those people who believes that the internet and technology is NOT making people stupid…as some brain researches had earlier suggested. It’s rebuttal time.

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One Response to From Chapter To Chapter….Connect

  1. Nick Bilton August 2, 2010, 7:21 am

    Hi – thanks for the write up. A couple of thing I just wanted to clear up. a) I never said this is the first book to print QR codes. I just said it’s the first by Random House. And b) I have nothing against the iBookstore, my publisher, Random House, does not sell any of its books in Apple’s iBookstore as they have still not reached an agreement on pricing.


    Thanks again!


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