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Just when you think they can’t get any more creative with the idea of using QR Codes, they prove you wrong. Scroll to the end of this blog entry if you can’t wait for it. The people in Japan are truly into QR Codes, you see and if you are not familiar with QR Codes, here’s the lowdown.

QR Codes is, basically, a kind of 2D barcode which is not very different from the conventional barcode system that we are using now. It is similar to the barcodes that we can find on products and labels in the store…except that you need a specific (expensive) device to scan the conventional barcode. With QR Codes, just about anybody with a smart phone (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone or any other Android mobile) can scan the codes and find content on the internet. Some say that this is the bridge between our offline and online world.

Conventionally, you will need either your laptop or your personal computer in order to access the internet. And if you find the URL of a website you would like to visit, you would have to spend some time and effort to type out the URL. The problem is that it is limiting. For example, if we wanted to share this article, http://beqrious.com/show/stand-out-with-a-qr-code-on-resume, with someone we are chatting with on the bus or train, we would have to ask that person to type out the whole thing on his cell phone. It’s quite a long URL as it is but there are even more complicated ones out there.

Or they would have to wait till they get to a computer and find the link themselves.

With a QR Code, all you have to do is to show them this.


They pull out their cell phone, loads the QR Code reader, scans the code and within seconds, it would resolve to the above-mentioned web page.

This fascinating technology is beginning to raise some eyebrows and generate some interest. It is only a matter of time that people begin to pick this trend up and it would be as common as…say…the internet. In the meantime, creative folks are finding new ways to make use of QR Codes.

Take, for instance, this new QR Code done by an advertising agency for Frisk. It’s really cool. Using Frisk mints, they created a re-fresh-ingly cool QR Code that worked. Watch it.

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