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Free QR Code Sticker To Google Map Directory Listing


It is now pretty common to have people whip out their cell phones in Europe and some parts of the United States whenever they wanted to find a place – they go to Google Maps. Google Maps is the world’s largest virtual map now and it is available anywhere on planet Earth and displayed right there in the palm of your hands.

But now, things are going to get a little bit more exciting. How about walking past an unfamiliar store in a strange foreign land you are touring and then see this QR Code stuck onto the store’s window? You wonder about it, whip out your cell phone, load up your QR Code reader and scan it. Seconds later, information about the said business is being pulled out from the internet. From the phone number, reviews, photos, and what they are selling, etc. Based on what you see, you decide whether the store is worth your time.

Only days ago, we caught wind that Google’s already mailing out the said QR Code stickers to US businesses. How do they select it? We are not quite sure but apparently, these US companies are going to get the QR Codes based on how many people have searched for them through Google and how many times the link’s been clicked on. Which means, the more popular you are on the internet, the higher your chances of getting this exclusive Google-sponsored QR Code stickers in your mailbox. The prediction is that more than one-hundred-and-ninety thousand business can expect the QR Code stickers mailed to them.

What is unique about this is that Google is going to be sponsoring the said mobile web pages. Conventionally, when you do it on your own, everything from creating the QR Code to printing it and then to setting up your own mobile web page (which the QR Code will eventually resolve to) will rest squarely on your shoulders. With the Google Map idea, it’s a done deal. There will be maps, phone numbers, directions and reviews from other users – completely free of charge.

Some businesses are given the option of setting up their own coupon-ing system through the Google Map directory page which will be turned into the gaining-popularity mobile coupon. So, if someone surfed onto your listing on their cell phone, it is easier to entice them to download the coupon and take a cap to your business right there and then. Google’s doing it like this – because the said customer found the business on Google, they instantly get twenty percent discount.

Very savvy.

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