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We all know that creating a QR Code is absolutely free. We even have a free QR code generator over here in our website. With the huge number of options for QR code reader, you shouldn’t have problems finding, downloading, installing and using the QR Codes reader, however, it being free, you might find it wanting at one point or another.

Some were slow to load. Others had trouble reading QR Codes because it was too sensitive. Others required personal information from the users or came with ads which is annoying for the user. The good news is that there are plenty of paid QR Code readers out in the market and they are not expensive. For a couple of bucks, with a good application, you get the peace of mind of using a reliable QR Code reader.

The reason why we are writing about this today is because we found a press release statement and it brought our attention to a new QR Code reader called the Unboxed 1.0 which is now up for sale and download. It is touted as THE QR Code reader for iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4. You might want to Google it up and give it a shot.

Anyway, one of the most annoying things about scanning a QR Code is the speed. Admittedly, we are not very patient people and if they claimed that it is a load, point and scan system, we fully expect it to be so. Selfish and low on patience, yes. But isn’t everyone else in this modern world? :-)

Going for a price of USD1.99 at the point of this post, we think it is quite a steal. Well, most paid QR Code readers costs just about the same right now so, competition is stiff.

The good thing about paid QR Codes is that it gives you more freedom, support and also featured tools. For example, some QR Code readers had one-touch scanning features which is an amazing because, as we mentioned earlier, it is just too cumbersome to hit a button, wait, hit another button, wait…etc. It would be good if we could just load the application up and then proceed immediately to scanning the code.

Good support is always a good thing whenever you have a problem with the software. Developers of free QR Code readers don’t usually provide support for users.

So, the choice is yours – free reader or paid ones?

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One Response to Free Or Paid QR Code Reader

  1. Laurie May 30, 2011, 12:34 pm

    Been looking at QR code readers and generators. Concerned about developer(s)rights to access my contacts and would like to know more. I understand the need for the app to update contacts when I’m scanning and requesting that service. However, I’m not clear about what the developer(s) rights to use my contact(s) information are. If I buy an app can I find protection in the terms and conditions?

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