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It is of no surprise to me at all when someone asked me how much I had to pay to get a QR created. When duly informed about how one can get a QR code done up for free with an online QR code creator, he went ‘How can it be free?’.

Well, you know what? It is!

Here’s the low-down for newcomers and people who think that QR code is a form of private investigator language. Qr code is not much different from the conventional barcode system that we are using now…the ones found on literally all types of products and the ones that gets scanned during checkout. Well, except that QR codes (QR stands for quick response) can contain a whole lot more information in there. So, people use a QR code creator and generate it and then print it out.

Currently, QR Codes are being used to link the online world to the reality that we are living in right now. For example, if you saw a QR Code, whip out your cell phone, use your camera phone to snap a picture of it and a QR Code reader will decipher the code. The result could be anything from text messages to a mobile web page describing the product or product reviews.

So, generally speaking, with a free qr code creator, a QR Code that contains a link to you website, blog or Facebook profile can be printed on, literally, anything. A mug, a t-shirt, a book, or even tattooed onto your arm although the wisdom of doing such a thing might questionable.

Currently, QR Codes is being used very widely in Japan and some other Asian countries. The popularity of the system have already found its way to some European countries so we have small businesses setting up mobile websites and then creating their own QR code with free qr code creator and using them extensively in their flyers, brochures, posters, buntings, business cards, etc.

Are you QRious enough about it now? Well, if you are, then head over to our free QR Code creator over here and get started.

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  1. Francesco December 30, 2009, 3:07 am

    It’s fantastic!

  2. Carl Pinkney March 14, 2011, 3:18 pm

    where is the software? Thank you.

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